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A birthday is a personal occasion. The celebration of someone’s birthday provides an opportunity to gain someone’s personal touch. Be it your loved ones; be it your friends; be it your colleague; a birthday gift like birthday cakes are directly touching their hearts.

Who would like to miss such an opportunity?


Cake House is the place that takes care of sending birthday cakes to your loved ones in the desired way.

  • Be it a type of cake.
  • Be it a taste of the cake.
  • Be it a presentation of the cake.
  • Be it is the time of receiving the cake.

Cake House remains a source of the best cake resources and services.

Get Attractive & Beautiful Birthday Cake at Cake House Online

Everyone wishes to have eye-grabbing and delicious birthday cakes on their occasion, and Cake House respects their wishes well.

We have…

Birthday Cakes for Kids:

We know what kids love. Our KitKat Gems Cake or Happy Birthday Kids Cake is the best representation for the same. You will find extravaganza colours, shapes, and tastes that can win the heart of your toddlers or teens’ hearts. Our cakes will prove attractive and beautiful to impress your kids and their friends.

Birthday Cakes for Her:

What will you do when you have to make the day for your girlfriend or fiance, or your beloved life partner by offering a birthday cake?

No worries, we have Dark Forest Heart Cake with lip-smacking tastes to rob their real hearts!

Another piece is Pinata Hammer Chocolate Cake. When they will break the 3D heart-shaped cake using a given hammer, it will pour out something surprising;

It will create joyous moments when they cut the cake or break it.

Birthday Cakes for Him:

Your boyfriend or your husband may wait for something wonderful from you on their auspicious occasion of birthday.

We have Dry Fruit Cake or Fruit N Nuts Cake-like offerings to satisfy their immense desires of beauty and taste at once.

Birthday Cakes for Your Parents:

Are you wondering about an opportunity to show your love and gratitude towards your parents? Our Pastel Color Birthday Cake is a simple-looking yet colourful offering to meet your aspiration beautifully.

Birthday Cakes for Your Friends:

Friendship is no less than a real brotherhood. For many, a birthday of a friend is an auspicious day to exhibit their affection by presenting the right choice of birthday cake.

Cake House has a huge collection to select the best one for the same. For example, Blue Chocolate Ball Pinata Birthday Cake is a sober yet rich choice to mesmerize your friend at once.

Birthday Cakes for Your Colleagues:

Today, modern offices are striving for life and work balance and someone’s birthday provides the best way to make it. You can make the best yet affordable selection for one of your colleagues from our treasure of birthday cakes. Pineapple Delight Cake is one of such pieces that make things righteously in your office.

Creative & Designer Birthday Cake Online At Cake House

At Cake House, folks are creative, yes intuitively creative while making cakes. They are designers in a sense when trying different colours, materials, shapes, and tastes of cakes.

You can pick up your choice of birthday cakes with flowing designs and creativity in their makings. Pinata Ball Butter Scotch Cake is one of the best examples to show the mingling of materials, tastes, and creativity.

You can pick up the best one out of our catalogue or give us a custom order by describing your requirements even in a nutshell!

Mid Night Special Birthday Cake Delivery for your Loved One

Are you striving for the real charm of a birthday? Pick the moment when the day really begins, and it is midnight time. Yes, a real celebration of a birthday often takes place at the moment when a new day begins at 12:00:01 AM.

If you manage your cake arrival before that moment and get enough time to keep everything ready, you can enjoy the birthday celebration in a real sense.

Therefore, Cake Hose has a special provision to keep that special moment by delivering the fresh cake at midnight time. You will enjoy the fresh taste of any kind of cake even at midnight cutting time.

Just make your order and give us the perfect address, our extensive network of mid-night delivery of birthday cakes will manage the rest of things.

No delay and perfect time.

Order Birthday Cake Online & Get Free Delivery

Like others, we also offer free delivery-like incentives for our selective orders. If your location belongs to our listed cities or towns and you are reachable for us, we apply a free delivery option based on the value of your order and other things meeting our criteria.

Our premium birthday cakes like Ferrero Rocher Cigarillo Cake and Social Media Fondant Birthday Cake are worth ordering birthday cakes online and getting free delivery.

Still, if you are in a dilemma about what to buy, please go through the entire birthday cake catalogue and pick the best choice according to the recipient’s occasion, taste, and place in your heart!

We have everything to meet your criteria of birthday cake selection at the best rates and excellent services including packing, presentation, and on-time delivery without any damage.

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